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We are focused on developing SOLAR ENERGY projects with POSITIVE IMPACT at an ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL level

Our solar panel projects generate immediate savings on your electric bill and protect the environment by generating clean, renewable energy.

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Certified B Corps is a type of business that finds a balance between purpose and profitability.

We are a community, driving a global movement of people, using the power of business for good.

We are a certified B Corp (BCorp), with which we execute a business model that generates economic, environmental, and social benefits, which are verified by a third party are made public regularly, and are included in a modification of the articles of incorporation of our company, through legal language that protects the mission and forces the fiduciary responsibility of the company's officers in this regard.

Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Unlike other certifications for companies, B Lab is unique in its ability to measure a company's full social and environmental impact.

B Corp. certification is a designation that a company meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency in employee benefit factors and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

The Best for the World: Governance

These B Corps have achieved top scores in overall mission, ethics, accountability, and transparency. Their best practices focus on how they engage employees, board members, and the community to achieve their mission, as well as employee access to financial information, customer opportunities to provide feedback, and the diversity of their governing bodies. By incorporating their vision and values into the company's bylaws, these B Corps embody what it means to use business as a force for good.



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YUXTA is a proudly Costa Rican company, and as such we are proud to carry around the world the values of being an Essential Costa Rica-certified company, such as Sustainability, Excellence, Citizen Engagement, Innovation, and Social Progress.

We pride ourselves on carrying around the world the values of being an Essential Costa Rica-certified company. 
We govern our competitiveness under the following 5 values.

Responsibility to meet today's needs without compromising the safety of future generations. Balance ensures proper environmental, social, and financial management.

The added value offered by a product or service that makes it special and unique. Excellence defines traits such as creativity, talent, and specialization of human resources.

The product or service must be entirely developed in national territory and therefore patented and improved.

Continuous transformation in order to improve the service or resource offered to customers. In a demanding and changing market such as the current one, the invention of new solutions is not enough, it is necessary to incorporate added values that guarantee the satisfaction of a gap.

Employees who work in a company under the country brand seal ensure personal and professional growth, guaranteeing that they will reach their full potential and develop all their capabilities to evolve as a company.