In January of 2021, it was announced that the type of renewable energy that ranked first in India was solar photovoltaic energy, according to information published by Global Data. Thousands of miles later, in South Africa, George Airport continues to produce twice as much energy as it needs through the solar panels it has installed throughout its infrastructure. This allows you to save millions a year, just in this area.


Following the journey until we reach Costa Rica, we find a nation whose solar and climatic characteristics place it above countries such as Germany, a pioneer in the positioning of projects of this nature. The sun looks upon us with good eyes!


YUXTA Energy has installed more than 220 solar energy projects in our country, and this has currently allowed 375 tons of CO2 emissions to be avoided each year. While this is a wonderful gift we give to our planet, there are other tangible benefits we can take advantage of:


  1. It allows organizations to save a large percentage of the cost of their electric bill.
  2. It allows them to delve into processes and certifications in favor of the environment, which translates into positioning and social responsibility.
  3. Hand in hand with the above, it means a reduction in the environmental impact for the different sectors of businesses that implement them.
  4. Incorporate state-of-the-art technology into business.
  5. They are able to adapt to specific needs. 


Marco Muñoz, executive director of Metalica Imperio, a Costa Rican organization dedicated to the manufacture of metal products, tells us that  "thanks to our growth we have decided to make a smart investment of 384 solar panels, which have generated a saving of 50% in electricity billing, this is very important for us because we transfer it to the price structure of our products, for a market that is quite competitive it has been significant, plus we reduce 12 tons of CO2 emissions per year, so we encourage other companies to join solar energy with YUXTA Energy."”.


Our executive director, Ernesto Moreno agrees with Mr. Muñoz, who also indicates that the added value of the implementation of these projects in organizations differentiates them from the competition because today a large part of consumers feel more identified with companies that are friendly to the environment.


Today more than ever we need to recharge with solar energy! The future of our environment is in our hands.

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