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How does solar energy improve your company's competitiveness?

The cost of electricity is a considerable part of a company's operating expenses. Having greater control of this through in-house production will improve its competitiveness in the long run. Over a period of 25 years, the increase in the cost of electricity in the national matrix was 120%. With...

About Yuxta Energy

Who are we?

Who are we? Learn about YUXTA Energy's journey. We are a 100% Costa Rican company, a pioneer in being certified as BCorp, a type of company that uses the power of business to provide concrete solutions to social and environmental problems. This ranking has given us great exposure in international markets. Source: We founded YUXTA Energy in the...

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What does it take to make a solar energy quote for your business?

Photovoltaic systems are technologies where the public usually has little knowledge and one of the main questions is: What is the value of the investment? It is important to note that YUXTA Energy has an engineering department that designs projects according to the needs and behaviors of electricity consumption that are available to the company.

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Can solar power supply electricity for large companies or industries?

Photovoltaics are POWERFUL. With the technology that we handle at YUXTA Energy, we can carry out high-power projects, generate many megawatts, and move three-phase systems, as well as industries of intense, intermittent, or seasonal consumption, such as metalworking industry, food, office centers, call centers, agro-industries, among other sectors. Another important aspect in this regard is...

Solar Energy | Renewable energy

Do you have solar panels? Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your solar energy system.

Solar panels work with the energy of the sun, so in Costa Rica, they start generating from 6 am reaching a maximum generation at 11 am, and lowering their generation until 6 pm when it gets dark and they stop generating energy.   Tip 1: Try to...

Energy Supply Assurance | Renewable energy

Measurement and verification of energy savings.

Do you find that your company's electricity bill represents a high expense of your budget, so you have thought about investing in solar generation projects, but you do not know about the subject, so you are afraid to make such an investment? Or you've already invested in the savings project, but you don't see the promised savings reflected...


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