Undoubtedly, solar panels are a clean alternative to generate energy worldwide and move us further and further away from highly polluting options such as fossil fuels.

Here are 5 key aspects of solar energy related to caring for the environment:


  1. Abundant, free, and inexhaustible energy:Costa Rica has enviable solar radiation compared to other countrieswhich, despite being leaders in solar energy worldwide, do not have such privileged characteristics.
  1. It reduces our CO2 emissionsIt is a clean energy that helps us counteract our polluting impact, since by acquiring solar energy, CO2 emissions are considerably reduced. In fact, solar panels are shown to be one of the most efficient renewable technologies in the fight against climate change.
  2. Non-invasive manufacturing: Photovoltaic cells are made of silicon, an element obtained from sand, which is very abundant in nature and of which significant quantities are not required. Therefore, in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels, there are no alterations in the lithological, topographic, or structural characteristics of the land.
  3. Quiet: The photovoltaic system is silent, which represents a clear advantage compared to other renewable technologies such as electric turbines.
  4. Circular Economy: Currently there is technology for the proper handling of solar panels when they reach the end of their useful life. In France, for example, 95% of the weight of the panels can already be recovered; and at YUXTA Energy we have allies for this work, such as Jinko Solar and its ⦁ PV CYCLE program. PV CYCLE.


We know that solar energy is one of the greatest hopes for the future of our planet, due to the impending depletion and unsustainability of fossil fuels. We invite you to quote your custom solar panel project at the following link: www.yuxtaenergy.cr/contactanos or you can contact us at: 7076 8732